Greenden - China exporter and wholesaler of floral wires for Europe, USA and other countries.


Decorative Floral Wires with Various Surface Treatments for Craft Effects

Florist wires are available in all colors, mainly Green, brown, black, silver and other colors. According to surface treatments, the craft wires can be Enameled / lacquered, Bright, Painted, Paper Covered.

Green Floral Wire

Enameled Florist Wire

Bright Floral Wire

Paper Covered Floral Wire

Floral Stem Wire


Floral Wires Supplied in Coils and Other Forms for Convenient Using

According to processing forms or packing forms, we supply floristry wires in coils, on sticks, reels, paddle, straight cut size bundles, looped wire, and pins.

Floral Wire on Wooden Stick

Paddle Wire

Small Coil Floral Wire

Straight Cut to Size Wire

Loop Tie Wire

Steel Pins


Wire Materials for Floral Wire Manufacture

According to materials, Floral wires are mainly processed from several basic metal wires: galvanized wire, electro galv., hot dipped galvanized, annealed and plastic coated.

Galvanized Wire

Hot Dipped Zinc Plated Wire