Pre Cut Size Wires for Floral Arranging and Tying

Cut Metal Wires we supply: Annealed wire, galvanized wire, coated wire, paper covered wires or black iron wire cut to certain length.
Basic materials: Annealed carbon steel wire, galvanized iron wire.
Size: We can supply cut wire with various wire diameters; the cut length can be varied according to the customers requirements.


Typical Forms and Sizes

Cut to Size Tie Wire, PVC Coated Quality
Florist Wire Straight Cut for Garden Tying
Finish: Zinc plated then plastic coated
Size: 1.00 mm wire diameter

Cut Tie Wire, Soft Annealed Quality
16 gauge pre-cut annealed tie wire, 290mm & 355mm length
Cut to sizes black annealed wire 0.9mm, 300 mm & 400mm in length
Cut Black Annealed Wire, 1.2mm x 190mm
Soft annealed black wire straightened and cut to sizes 2.2 mm diameter
Pre cutting wire for construction.
Packing: Bundles of 1kg, 2kgs, 2.5kgs and 5kgs, 10kgs/cardboard

Finish: Black iron or annealed galvanized finish.
Wire diameter: 0.30mm to 5.50mm.
Length: 120mm to 600mm
Tensile strength: 350-550 N/MM2
Packing: carton and pallet.

High Tensile Steel Cut Wire, Galvanised Finish
Sizes: Electro galvanized wire cut to size 40 cm
Wire 1mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm,
Material : #45 carbon steel with galv.
0.6mm cutting wire galvanized
Packing: in 5kg, 20kg per box.
First in bundles, plastic film, strap secured.
Application: Widely used in building, binding, handicraft making, etc.
Feature: Galvanized Cut Wire offer anti-corrosion and anti-rust property
Silver color or Electro galvanized.

  • Cutted Tying Wire, PVC Coated galvanized quality
  • 16 Gauge PVC coated Galvanized wire
    Size in mm: 1.2 mm
    Packed in 10 Kgs per Roll.
  • Photoes

Straightned & Cutted Wire- 5mm Dia, length 3 meter
Galvanised tie wire cut to size
Electric galvanized high tensile steel wires in cut length
16 gauge tie wire
16 gauge Black annealed cut wire, 290mm

16GA Galvanized Wire cut to 14 inch length for rebar binding

Packing in Paper Cartons

Packing in wooden cases then pallet

Cut Wire, with Gauge, Wire Length, Unit Weight, Color, Case Pack

Cut Wire in a 12 Pound Box ( 4 Inners per Master)
Item # Description Color Case Pack
GDCW18-12LB 18 gauge Cut Wire in 12", 18", or 24" - 12lb box Green 4
GDCW20-12LB 20 gauge Cut Wire in 12", 18", or 24" - 12lb box Green 4
GDCW22-12LB 22 gauge Cut Wire in 12", 18", or 24" - 12lb box Green 4
GDCW24-12LB 24 gauge Cut Wire in 12", 18", or 24" - 12lb box Green 4