Bright Floral Wire

- forms: wires on spool, on stick, cut wire, bright paddle wire

Technical Info:
Material: Bright galvanized Steel wire and bright stainless Steel Wire.

Application: Used for floral crafts.
Surfaces: Bright galv. or ss, enameled, painted

Typical Wire Gauges:

304 stainless steel 0.5mm wire

304 bright florist tying wire
304 stainless steel bright floral wire. 0.5mm wire, 113g reel of 0.5mm

Bright paddle wire for christmas tree decoration
Bright color Florist Wire for Christmas Tree - 26 gauge, galvanized steel wire enamelled

25kg spool wire
Birght Floral Wire In Big Spools 25-50 Kgs, plastic / pvc spools

12 gauge 304 stainless steel soft bright wire on wooden sticks

Bright 316l stainless steel wire 0.3mm

Bright Floristry Wire - cut to size, gauge 26

reel wire
Bright Floral Wire on a reel - Gauge 24