About Our Company

Greenden started with the philosophy to supply High Quality Floral Wire at Economic Cost for our customers. Over the past 9 years, we are proud that we have accumulated a substantial list of satisfied wholesalers and distributors across the world. Greenden has exported to most countries in American and Europe. We are committed to deliver the best quality products and services possible to our customers.

Our Capabilities:

We manufacture and supply floral wires made of galvanized, ss and annealed iron wire materials. Uses for floral wires include securing of garden flowers, artificial flowers making, wreath making, Christmas trees making, tying and binding uses.

Greenden features in the fields of painted wire and floral wire materials. We offer a range of products and services including: painted floral wire, paddle wire, bright floral wire, paper covered floral wire, copper floral wire, coated floral wire, florist wire in coils , wooden stick packing florist wire and cut to size wire. Other related products like floral pins and wire ties are also available.

Standard and Custom Products:

Colors and sizes of wire can be custom made. Standard wire diameter for florist craft wire ranges from normally 0.10mm to 2.0mm.

Greenden is committed to enhancing its position as a China supplier of quality floral wire and services. To this end, Greenden espouses the principles of quality system management according to internationally recognized ISO standards.

Due to our expansion of growth, Greenden moved to new factory building and introduced the updated galvanized wire and annealing wire production lines in 2016.  Till now, Greenden has continued to grow into one of the largest suppliers of floral wire products in North China.

Greenden exports quality floral wires, backed with our modern production equipment, technical expertise and dedicated staff.

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