Typical Product: Looped Cut Tie Wire, 16 Gauge wire, 8 inch length, in 1000pcs rolls.

Technical Information in regard to Looped Cut Ties
Low carbon black annealed wire
Electro and Hot Dipped Galvanized wire
PVC coated mild steel wire
Copper plated steel wire
Stainless steel wire

Wire diameter ranges from 0.8mm to 1.6mm and the wire gauges include 20#, 21#, 22#.

Double Loop Wire Ties are cut wire with bending loops at both ends. Easy to twist and hard to break. Looped wire ties have a variety of uses such as bar ties, garden ties, bagging and bundling.

We supply:

  • Loop tie wire: 1.00mmx145mm / 0.9mmx145mm in full container load.
  • 10 ” Black Annealed Loop Tie Wire, diameter equal to 0.6mm to 0.8mm.
  • Double Loop Tie Wire, 150mm x 17 gauge, Black Annealed, Packing: In bundles of 1000pcs packed into pallet boxes. 1x full 20’ container load.
  • Loop Tie Wires for Dutch Broom binding factory:
    Wires size: length 300 mm thick 1.25 mm. (metric)
    1. Loop Tie Wires in Copper plated Steel
    2. Loop Tie Wires in Galvanized Steel
    3. Loop Tie Wires In Stainless Steel.
  • 3.0mm Single Loop Bale Ties Wire for cotton and 250mm x 1.625mm, for automatic bale tie machines.
    Baling Tie Wire Gauge: 11G to 15 G.
    European Gauge: 3.0mm or 3.2mm
    Standard Length: 7ft to 24ft (custom lengths available).
    Standard Bundle: 125 count or 250 count (custom counts available).
  • Soft Annealed Iron Wire Bar Ties: Straight Cut Wire with Double Loops, 16 Gauge wire, 8 inch length, 1000pcs Per Roll.
  • Length of loop ties are available in length from 3", 4.5 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch to 24".

Galvanized Looped Ties: Gauges, Length, Packing

Wire Gauge Length Roll Weight Roll / pcs
15ga 10" 23.3kg 5000 pcs
16ga 4" 12kg 5000 pcs
16ga 5" 13.2kg 5000 pcs
16ga 6" 14.8kg 5000 pcs
16ga 10" 22kg 5000 pcs
18ga 4" 9kg 5000 pcs
19ga 7" 5.4kg 5000 pcs


Green coated binding wire
PVC Green Coated Galv. Loop Wire

Electro Galv. Mild Steel Wire Ties
Galvanized MS Wire Ties with Double Loops

Galv. Double Looped Cut Wire, 16gauge x 6"

PVC Coated Wire Ties, Cut and bend with double loops

Annealed Tie Wire, 17gauge x 4.5"

In rolls or bundles, then in cartons