Typical Product: Garden Floral Wire,14 gauge, in 6 feet coils

Coil sizes of the flower wires can be custom made.

Small coil wire is a popular forms of supply for florist wires.

Wire materials for florist wire can be bright iron wire, annealed wire, electric galvanized wire, PVC coated iron wire or painted iron wire.

Florist wire coil is easy for transport and handle, finds popular application in construction, handicrafts making or daily use.

Wire diameter: SWG 30, SWG29, SWG28, SWG27, SWG26, SWG25, SWG24.

Colors available: Red, green, black, blue, purple and silver, white, light gold, lavender, dark gold.
Features: Bright color, easy for carrying and use.

Garden floristry wire in 6 feet coils
Color painted small coil enameled florist wire

Florist wire in Small coils:

Green floral wire in small coils
Small Coil Floral Wire - Green - Cut and coiled
Forist wire in 6 feet coils
Garden floral wire 6 ft 14 gauge coils
Blue color enamelled small coil floral wires
Coiled Wire - Blue