Galvanized Wire: Electro galv., hot dipped, annealed, pvc coated

Technical Informatio in regard to Galvanised Wire:
Galvanized wire is generally refering to four finishes: electro galvanized, hot dipped galvanized, galvanized annealed and pvc coated galvanised. Galvanized iron wire can be supplied in the form of coil wire, spool wire or further processed into straightened cut wire or U type wire.

Galvanized wire is one of the basic materials for floral wire manufacture, also used in fencing and wire mesh weaving.

BWG 6 to 30
Zinc coat: 10-25g/m2
Tensile strength: 40-85kg/mm


Typical Forms and Sizes


Bright electro galvanized wire and hot-dipped galvanizes wires base on Malaysian Standard MS 1137 on minimum zinc coating.

The packing for wire sizes 0.90-1.25mm is pattern lay 250-300kgs, ID/OD as standard production; for wire 1.60mm-4.00mm is pattern lay 500kgs+-. ID/OD standard production.

Low Carbon Bright Annealed Galvanized Wire
Package: 250lb Metal Conical Spools
Light Oil Spray or rust preventative

.0625 Low Carbon Galvanized Wire
Weight of Coating: Flash with light wax Coating
Soft Temper: 75,000PSI Max
Package: 1,000lb Coils

Annealed Wire # 16, 2.5MM, Galvanized White
Black Annealed Wire (Soft) – 1.6mm thick, galvanized bright 
Black Annealed Wire (Soft) –2.0mm thick, galvanized bright
Black Annealed Wire (Soft) –2.5mm thick, galvanized bright

1kg Coil Black Annealed Iron Wire
Black annealed wire BWG12 in 1 kg coil 
Black annealed iron wire BWG14 in 1 kg coil 
Black annealed iron wire BWG18 in 1kg coil 
Black annealed twist wire (2pcs) BWG18
Packing:1kg each coil and 20 coils of 1kg for each box
1350 boxes (27 tons) without pallets for one 20 feet container. 

Dark Annealed Steel Wire in Rolls
Wire black annealed 16bwg - roll x 10kg
Wire black annealed 18bwg - roll x 10kg
Wire black annealed 18bwg - roll x 25kg
Wire black annealed 18bwg - rolls x 3kg

Black Annealed Wire (in 5KG Coils )
Packing: 5KG/coil, Nude Packed, 10coil/bundle, without pallets.

Green Coated Galvanized Wire: PVC coated binding wire
For Garden Binding uses
Core: Galvanised mild steel wire 
Surface: Plastified (Plastic Coated), mostly in green color 
Wire length 25m
Tensile 37-43kgs/mm2
Elogation 16.6-17.5%

Big package fencing wires
Bright finish GI wire, 1000 kg Big Coils

Galv. Low Carbon Steel Wire
Electric galvanized wire in Small Coils

Hot Dipped Zinc Plated Mild Steel Wire in rolls

Yellow or green color coated tie wire
Plastic Dipped Galvanized Iron Wire, Garden Ties

Low carbon annealed wire galvanized bright
16 gauge soft annealed wire, in 5 kg coils

Packing for Delivery