Surface Treatment of floral wire

The wires supplied can be treated in five major finishes: Painted, coated, enamel, paper-covered, galvanise, annealed.

Enameled iron

Wire coated with a thin layer of insulation to prevent the wire surfaces from being in a short circuit when wound into coils.


Stem wire comes mainly from painted wire

Bright Iron

Bright finished iron wire used for crafts

Hot Dipped Zinc Plated

Materials for manufacturing of floral wires

Floral Wire Exporter

Greenden exports green florist wires painted or paper wrapped, to Europe and American mainly.

  • 16 BWG Floral Stem Wire for Artificial Flower Making - Green Coated Low Carbon Annealed Wire

  • Color coated craft enameled florist wire, wound around sticks

  • Bright color Florist Wire for Christmas Tree - 26 gauge, galvanized steel wire enamelled

  • Green crepe paper wrapped florist wires
    22 gauge
    wire for artificial flower stems

  • 1-3/4 inch floral pins
    U Shape Floral Pins for Decorative Floral Arrangements

  • Decorative paddle floral wire, packing in boxes (20 per box) green and other decorative colors

  • Painted wire for artificial flower making 26 24 22 20 18

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What is Floral wire?

Floral wire, also known as florist wire, refers to wires for floral designing, lengthening flower stems, securing floral materials to wreaths and forms, strengthening bunched flowers and greenery, corsage making and for making of wreath hangers.

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